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Under But Not Unnoticed.

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Underwear ... Under … but not unnoticed … in beautiful, natural and comfortable underwear women feel more confident and attractive … just think, the underwear is able to change the look, mood, a person's manner of walking … yes, that's what you are hiding under the clothes, it’s what underwear can do for you … if you do not believe me, experiment:

   Wear the usual cotton “ granny panties  parachute” - most likely you will be comfortable, but the attractiveness of the feeling will be completely lost ;

   Or wear beautiful delicate linen from low-quality raw materials - and you will feel "at ease", or rather "not in your underwear";

  And now put a beautiful natural cotton, silk you can name it (by the way, most importantly, close to the body (intimate areas) of the clothes must be natural!) – That’s all! You got an enviable sensation!

By the way, do not get me wrong, BUT! Lingerie changes the mood of HER men too!
For women, the selection and purchase of lingerie - a special ritual ... how excited they make a choice of a part of the wardrobe that is invisible to most (almost to anyone :-))... Just think!
I used to not think about it and believed that only my older sister liked to choose and buy lingerie… I confess frankly: my sister was so happy to buy underwear for me,  mum and as a present for her friends…
One day I met my former classmate and we started talking about education, exams, the grants ... I was surprised when she told me that with every grant she gets for herself a beautiful expensive lingerie… For cheering up of her mood... in short, for just having fun!
It should be noted, that the majority of women wear beautiful lingerie not for themselves but for those who will see this underwear :-) sure everyone immediately thought about their men :-) 
But it’s not!
I knew one woman, at that time she was 55 years old, divorced, no personal life, overweight problems … spoke to me about underwear … yes, the “delicious” 55-year-old  single that does not have a man, also worried about what she is wearing ... and you know what she told me? 
She said that every day she wears beautiful, luxurious underwear (of course, for every woman beautiful lingerie is somewhat different .. nevertheless…) because she’s afraid that if all of a sudden something will happen and she finds herself on a date, she will be wearing, for example, sloppy panties, she will be ashamed… such thoughts go to women about a first date ;) …
All the above applies only to the beauty and comfort ... but do not forget about the side that relates to health ... the quality of the raw material from which underwear is made directly affects the health of the woman ... I do not think it’s necessary to describe this point in detail, because all understand it ...
The moral of this article is: with beautiful, natural, comfortable underwear, you guarantee your body's health, comfort, and confidence.


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