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Shopping Underwear Online Guidelines

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Let's talk about all the pros and cons of online underwear shopping, and how to avoid major mistakes and pick up an online perfectly fitting bra. At once I will say that there is no definite way to choose a bra in an online store so that it surely suits you. Buying an online bra is a risk. I'll tell you how to reduce this risk and why some girls prefer to buy underwear on the Internet, and not in offline stores.


 Advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of an online shopping are the lack of need to go to different shopping centers and boutiques, a great time saving for experienced online shopaholics. Also, this is the greatest variety of all sorts of styles, sizes, and prices that can only be imagined. For example, to find underwear with cups less than A or more G offline is a problem. And where else, if not in online stores, you can find branded underwear with a discount of 75%?

Cons - lack of fitting and the ability to touch the material. In case of an unsuccessful purchase - loss of time for the return of the bra and a certain amount of money for its return shipment, if the return is provided by the store. But most of the online underwear stores like provide free return and exchange.

 Not only a bra.

Underwear is, of course, not only bras. With less risk, you can please yourself with panties, contour underwear, stockings, pajamas and dressing gowns, garter belts and other boudoir accessories. If you carefully read the information about the sizes on the page where you going to buy these things, with a probability of 99.9% you will not have problems.

Personal experience: I have not had any unsuccessful purchases of stockings, garter belts, panties, and gowns online. Everything arrived at my door and end up in my wardrobe.

 The algorithm for buying a bra online.

1. Choose a store. We look at the conditions and the cost of delivery.

2. We check the possibility of free return & exchange the bra in case it doesn't fit.

3. Choose a bra. Always be guided by the size chart of the store page where you're buying the underwear. The reason is the country, or the city of the manufacturer change all the time, even if you're familiar with the style and the brand of a bra there is a possibility of changes in a size chart. 

4. If you are not sure of your size and want to insure yourself, contact the support service of the place where you are going to make a purchase. You should be helped.

5. If in doubt, what exactly is right for you, then choose online stores that offering a convenient return policy.

 Tips & Tricks.

1. What looks good on a model does not necessarily sit well on you. We are all different, the shape, the size, the location and the fullness of the bust. If you have large breasts that require support, then do not look at bras that would not provide this support, for example, lacy bralettes.

2. If you see that the girl in the photo is standing with her hands up, this is done to more advantageously emphasize the bust and raise it.

3. Keep in mind that the form of the cleavage will not be the same as in the online store photo. And if on the model the bra sits mediocre, think about whether to take it.

4. Remember, what kind of a bra for you is the most convenient:

- If you are looking for a very supportive bra than the bridge (center gore) must be on the nipple level or higher.

- Cups in a bra with a front closure located far apart from each other than the sups in the bra with the back closure.

- Be careful with the plunge bras. Such bras do not have the bridge, or it is a small piece of cloth that cannot be considered functional enough. Because of this, there may be problems with breasts support, especially for women with a large cup size or with a certain shape. If you have such parameters, then simply, leaning forward, you would feel that your breasts are falling out. Advice, if you are into lacy plunge bras, especially non-padded, then make sure that the bra made of thick, high-quality lace.

- Push-up bra for anyone who would love to emphasize the bust in a size and a shape. You can also choose a bra with removable cookies for flexibility to customize your cleavage.

- If you are a cotton lover, then go for a bra with at list cotton lining of the cups. Makes big difference during hot summer days.

- Well, just do not avoid reading the description of the undies you are interested in!

5. Do not delay trying a bra after it was delivered, so that if necessary, you can return or exchange it quickly.

 For someone who is trying to shop underwear online for the first time may seem like a complicated process. But after you figure everything out, saving time and money becomes significant. For me, this was the decisive argument in favor of online purchases, and now their share is about 70% of all the underwear that I buy.

I prefer online shopping instead of visiting a store. I can afford to choose and compare at my own pace, and a consultant never distracts me. I'm no longer waiting in the queue in the dressing room. And finally, I stopped limiting the very modest choice of underwear in my city. I hope that your experience will be just as cloudless. And the advice given above will help you avoid some mistakes. Successful shopping for you and fewer returns!








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